Frequently asked questions

We understand that many question's may arise as you leave home and arrive to a new country/city. You will find some answers for frequetly sked questions below.
  1. Q

    When does the training begin and end?


    The Camp start on 2020 - February 03 to February 28
  2. Q

    How early must I arrive prior to the first day of class?


    You should arrive on February 01, to get familiar with the new time zone, climate, and environment. The last schedule to depart is on March 01. Please do NOT arrive or depart before these appointed days, for the reason of dormitory arrangement.
  3. Q

    What is my acceptance based on?


    We desire to accept you, but each application is carefully and individually reviewed and the final decision will be based on the initial phone interview. Please keep in mind that space is limited and therefore applicants can also be denied when we reach our limit.
  4. Q

    How can I reach Baguio City?


    We recommend the bus line "Victory Liner or Genesis" going to and from Manila and as well from many other cities of Luzon.
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    Who will meet me when I arrive?


    Don't worry, no matter how you reach Baguio City we will be there to greet you. In time of your arrival in the Philippines (Manila, Clark) by airplane, you must email us the itinerary with all flight datas (airline, flight no. date, time). Your bus arrival in Baguio City has to be communicate by cellphone (sms) or calls.
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    Are there certain regulations concerning training and student lives?


    By admission all participants receive the IDT policy & regulation form.
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    Will there be a daily time table?


    Monday to Friday: Indoor courses from 9am to 2:30pm - Outdoor courses from 2;30pm to 5pm. Participants receives after admission a complete weekly schedule plan.
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    What is the minimum and maximum of participants?


    We accept minimum 8 and maximum 18 participants per training program